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The Wayfarer

Behind The Woodshed Broadcast
Host: Hal Anthony
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Twitter: BehindaWoodshed

Subject matter:

Water Rights, Highway Rights Coordination as a Tool to Preserve Property and Livelihood:
Successes Water Rights Highway Rights Coordination Power Unexpected Environmental Reversal Scientists Muzzled or Fraud Exposed Gov Snoop and Feelyoups Guy Fawkes Fraud Whose Vendetta What Hides Behind The Mask Forcing Law When Should You Shoot A Cop

Wallowa-Whitman Travel Management Plan stopped in the 4th Quarter:
Victory People Stopping Local Federal Oppression Lyrid Shower People Power Drives PolyTics To Town Hall Appealing To Administrative Tyranny Agency Start Over Misappropriation Public Funds The Clock Stops Persistence Prevails Though Battle Will Continue